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   The Serge Prokofiev Association is the outcome of a number of initiatives over the past twenty years. In 1983, Mme Lina Prokofiev, the composer’s first wife, set up the Serge Prokofiev Foundation, a British charitable trust (No. 326370), with the objective of furthering the knowledge and study of Prokofiev’s life and work. After Mme Prokofiev’s death in 1989, the Foundation decided to set up and support an archive where all available materials relating to Prokofiev, including family papers, would be regrouped under one roof. As a result, the Serge Prokofiev Archive was established at Goldsmiths College in 1994. Over the following years the Archive’s activities expanded considerably and a need was felt for an association which would foster the general public’s interest, thus complementing the more academic work of the Archive.
   The Association will appeal to anyone with a broad interest in the culture and music of the first half of the twentieth century. Members will receive a bi-annual journal, Three Oranges, which will cover aspects of cultural and social life during Prokofiev’s lifetime in the various countries in which he operated (He lived successively in the Ukraine, St Petersburg, the United States, Germany, Paris and, finally, Moscow during the Stalinist era). A considerable amount of primary sources so far unpublished will appear in Three Oranges on a regular basis.

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   The aims of the Association are of an educational and cultural nature, namely:

- to bring together those who are interested in Prokofiev and his music
- to provide the latest information about international events, recordings and publications
- to promote and organise events to further the knowledge of Prokofiev’s life and works
- to create a forum for discussion and exchange
- to encourage contacts with similar associations devoted to Prokofiev’s contemporaries.

   2003 - In line with these objectives, in 2003 the Association intends to mark the fiftieth anniversary of Prokofiev’s death by promoting the performance of his complete work during the course of that year. To complement these public events, including a major festival, the Serge Prokofiev Archive will prepare and organise a number of critical events and publications. The Association will coordinate the project and issue a 2003 calendar in which all events taking place in the UK and abroad will carry the Association’s logo.

Mrs NoŽlle Mann, The Secretary
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