Three years into its life, The Serge Prokofiev Association has achieved its immediate aims and put Prokofiev firmly in the public eye. With the 2003 celebrations nearly over, the Association's journal on a sound footing and a solid membership, it has been decided changes should be applied in order to ease the financial and administrative burden of running two Charitable Trusts, The Serge Prokofiev Foundation and Association. The Foundation has stepped up its support and will take over most of the responsibilities so far undertaken by the Association. The Association will be wound up on 31 December 2003.
†††††Online membership registrations will be replaced with online subscriptions to Three Oranges, which becomes a publication of the Foundation.This is a purely administrative change, which will in no way affect our promotional work. Subscribers will continue to enjoy all the benefits conferred by Association membership, such as early notification of events and selected discounts on events and publications. The journal is retaining its successful format and content under the continuing editorial of NoŽlle Mann. The Website is being updated and will present its new face early in the New Year.