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Serge Prokofiev's plan for War and Peace

Prokofiev's plan for "War and Peace"

†††English National Opera's new production of War and Peace opened at the London Coliseum on 27 October. Directed by Tim Albery, this is a co-production with Canadian Opera Company and The Minnesota Opera and is in repertoire in London until 28 November, conducted by Paul Daniel.
†††All three articles in the programme were written by the editorial team of "Three Oranges".
†††NoŽlle Mann - "What is important to me is opera": Prokofiev's greatest challenge;
†††Marina Frolova-Walker - The Past in the Present: Prokofiev and Russian Historical Opera;
†††David Nice - "What an Operetta": Prokofiev's work on War and Peace.
†††NoŽlle Mann gave a presentation to the Friends of ENO on 16 October concentrating on Prokofiev's creative output during the 1941-43 period, specifically on the genesis of War and Peace.

†††Reviews of this production was published on the web at the relevant newspapers' sites:

†††Guardian 29 October
†††The Times 29 October
†††The Independent 31 October
†††The London Evening Standard 29 October
†††The Telegraph 30 October
†††The Financial Times 30 October

(Published: 18.11.01)