Graphological report

Artur Holz
Vienna (Austria)
VII. Zieglergasse No 63
Expert Graphologist

9 June 1931

Graphological report
for Mr Serge Prokofiev, Paris XV, 5 rue Valentin HaŁy

This is someone of outstanding intelligence, who expresses himself through intellectual work. Incredible energy based on rigorous self-discipline and a strong sense of duty. When he is seriously involved in a concept, there is nothing that will stand in the way of his seeing through its realisation. Totally straightforward, he immediately rejects those who want to make use of him. His character should be judged from two points of view: on the one hand, he is thoughtful, critical and precise in his modes of thinking, without being sentimental. On the other, he is imaginative and creative by virtue of his ability to express diverse thoughts and the emotional developments which take place in his subconscious. Thus his thoughts may be likened to “steel” which resists external pressures because of its innate hardness. There are people who allow themselves to be carried along, and proceeding in this way, manage to achieve a creative activity; this writer has become an artist through force of character, through strength and clarity of thought and through the logic he applies to his actions. He works, metaphorically speaking, like an architect who wishes to build a house by first making the walls firm, without being concerned about embellishments for the house itself, because once the absolutely essential and basic work has been completed, without even having tried, he will, of necessity, achieve ornamentation of incredible virtuosity. This is actually how he works in music. When he starts working, he works with precision and meticulousness, because, with firm foundations, he has no difficulty in creating variations because the theme has already been determined. Thus his amazing dexterity in altering ideas allows him to work steadily, and his ideas may be compared to inexhaustible “steel”. Accustomed to solitude and independence, he never makes use of other people. There is something primitive in his character, which is the source of the enormous power of his work. A pleasant person, who favours a quiet life rather than too much social life. A good friend: once his friendship has been gained, it can be relied on. A courageous man, viewing life from a clear-sighted point of view, without being a realist.


(Translated from French by Edward Morgan)

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