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Sviatoslav Prokofiev

Valery Gergiev

Sir Edward Downes

Sviatoslav Prokofiev:

Valery Gergiev:

Sir Edward Downes:

A word from the editor (NoŽlle Mann)

Sviatoslav Prokofiev, Valery Gergiev, Sir Edward Downes

"An Incredible country": Prokofiev and America. (Harlow Robinson)
Prokofiev in St Petersburg.
(Larissa Danko)
The inexorable journey towards France (NoŽlle Mann)
Listening to Prokofiev: memories from a Soviet classroom.
(Marina Frolova-Walker)
Back in the USSR (Natalia Savkina)

Lina Prokofiev
. (Lady Joan Downes)
Oleg Prokofiev: traces left behind. (Frances Prokofiev)
About the Prokofiev family.
(NoŽlle Mann)
Little-known facts about people close to Prokofiev. (Sviatoslav Prokofiev)

A friendship in Terioki.
(Serge Prokofiev Jr.)

Live and on disc: the last decade of Prokofiev performances. (David Nice)

Getting it right!

Boosey & Hawkes.

Sir Edward Downes: a life in music. (NoŽlle Mann)


   I am most happy to welcome in this inaugural issue of the Journal Three Oranges all lovers of Serge Prokofiev’s music. My mother’s dream has finally become reality: after the Serge Prokofiev Foundation and Archive, the Serge Prokofiev Association has been born and is taking its first steps into the world. Given the passion, the energy and devotion of its founders, I am certain that the Association will soon be known throughout the world, attracting the attention and love of those who want to know Serge Prokofiev’s life and work better and also those who are concerned with the past, present and future of classical music. I wish the Serge Prokofiev Association a long and happy life with many interesting relationships. May it bring together genuine supporters and lovers of Prokofiev’s music.

   It is a great honour and challenge for me to be the Patron of the Serge Prokofiev Association. I fully support the aims of this Association, which are to promote and increase public awareness of the life and work of Serge Prokofiev, one of the most original voices of the first half of the twentieth century. Much work is needed in order to do justice to Prokofiev’s creativity; new research, new publications and, of course, new performances must be planned. The Kirov Company and Orchestra have invested more time and work in his music than anyone else in the world, and we are fully committed to making his entire output known to a broad international audience. We are envisaging new choreography for his magnificent ballets, and I am personally planning to conduct series of the symphonies and ballet scores. As Patron of the Serge Prokofiev Association, I pledge to put my name, influence and work to the service of the composer I most revere, and I wish the Association a long and prolific life.

   As President of the Serge Prokofiev Association it gives me great pleasure to welcome you in this inaugural edition of our journal - Three Oranges. For many years, while conducting Prokofiev’s music in countries all over the world, I have been made increasingly aware of the eagerness of music lovers to learn more about this great composer whose achievements have enriched the lives of so many of us. It is the wish to satisfy this desire and the hope of extending the love and understanding of Prokofiev’s music to an ever wider circle of music lovers that has prompted us to inaugurate this Association. In setting up the Prokofiev Association we shall also be honouring the memory of his wife Lina who, after her husband’s death in 1953, spent the rest of her life fighting for the propagation and protection of his music. All lovers of Prokofiev’s music owe her an enormous debt.