Summary #1About the Prokofiev family (title).

A word from the editor (NoŽlle Mann)

Sviatoslav Prokofiev, Valery Gergiev, Sir Edward Downes

"An Incredible country": Prokofiev and America. (Harlow Robinson)
Prokofiev in St Petersburg.
(Larissa Danko)
The inexorable journey towards France (NoŽlle Mann)
Listening to Prokofiev: memories from a Soviet classroom.
(Marina Frolova-Walker)
Back in the USSR (Natalia Savkina)

Lina Prokofiev. (Lady Joan Downes)
Oleg Prokofiev: traces left behind. (Frances Prokofiev)
About the Prokofiev family.
(NoŽlle Mann)

Little-known facts about people close to Prokofiev. (Sviatoslav Prokofiev)

A friendship in Terioki.
(Serge Prokofiev Jr.)

Live and on disc: the last decade of Prokofiev performances. (David Nice)

Getting it right!

Boosey & Hawkes.

Sir Edward Downes: a life in music. (NoŽlle Mann)


The Prokofiev family, 1997.

The extended family: in 1997 the Prokofievs met up in Paris to celebrate the centenary of Lina’s birth.
From left to right: Nadejda and Sviatoslav Prokofiev, Beatrice, Oleg, Cordelia, Gabriel, Nika, Lina, Serge ProkofievJr. and Irina Prokofiev.

   In this regular column, members of the Prokofiev family will be invited to share their memories, knowledge and opinions. Prokofiev left many descendants, and since hopefully many of them will contribute to this journal over the years, it might be of interest to the readership to familiarise themselves with their whereabouts.
   In 1923 Sergei Prokofiev married Carolina Codina who gave him two sons: Sviatoslav and Oleg. Sviatoslav and his wife, Nadezhda, lived most of their life in Moscow but have now moved to Paris close to their only son, Sergei. Sergei (referred to in this journal as Serge Prokofiev Jr.) is married to Irina, with two daughters. Oleg was first married to Sofia Korovina with whom he had a son, Sergei, who now lives in Germany with his wife Astrid. From his second wife, Camilla Gray who died at a tragically early age, Oleg had a daughter, Anastasia. Some time after his move to Britain, Oleg married Frances who gave him five children, one of whom, Quentin, died at an early age. Frances Prokofiev, her four children and Anastasia live in Britain.

Rupert Prokofiev, 1993.Frances Prokofiev, 1994.Anastasia Prokofiev, 1999.Astrid Prokofiev, 1999.Sergey O.Prokofiev, 1999.

From the left:
Rupert (1993),
Frances (1994), Anastasia,
Astrid and Serge O.Prokofiev