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Three Oranges was created in 2001 to bring to the public, specialists and enthusiasts alike, the wealth of materials and unparalleled expertise developed by the Prokofiev Archive since 1994. The founding Editor, , was also the Archive's first Curator. The Editor of Three Oranges, following NoŽlle's death in April 2010, is Simon Morrison.
     The journal draws on features that pertain to two established, and complementary, types of publications – the specialist journal and the commercial magazine. While specialist needs are met with well referenced articles written by worldwide experts, and the publication of untapped materials from the Archive, the reproduction of rare photographs and illustrations related to Prokofiev’s life and works, as well as regular reviews of recordings and concerts respond to the enthusiasts’ interests. Printed on high-quality paper, this glossy journal contains fascinating illustrations, some published for the first time. All of these features have already established the journal as a collector’s item.
     Three Oranges is available on subscriptions only. Subscribers range from worldwide reputed artists and writers, to orchestra and University libraries, opera houses and of course, Prokofiev enthusiasts.
     Some back copies are still available as single copies, independently from subscription.

People interested in submitting an article should consult the Notes for contributors.