Serge Prokofiev Foundation (logo)

The Serge Prokofiev Foundation (Registered Charity No. 326370) was set-up in 1983 by Lina Prokofiev, the composer’s first wife. Mme Prokofiev left the Soviet Union in 1974 and, in her later years, moved to London where her younger son, Oleg, resided. She died there in 1989, aged 91. Over these years, she devoted her formidable energy to promoting her husband's work and in the process, set up the Foundation with the object of furthering the knowledge and appreciation of Prokofiev's life and works. After her death, the Foundation made the decision to create and support a resource with the aim of gathering, organising and making available a huge variety of materials related to the composer and his times. The outcome was the setting-up in 1994 of The Serge Prokofiev Archive at Goldsmiths College, University of London.

To complement the academic role of the Archive the Foundation set up The Serge Prokofiev Association in 2001, with the purpose of fostering the interest of the general public and to encourage its participation. In the course of its life The Association launched a dedicated journal, Three Oranges and led a worldwide initiative, Prokofiev 2003, which marked the half-centenary of Prokofiev’s death.
     Early in 2003 it was decided to unite all Prokofiev initiatives under one umbrella. The Foundation stepped up its support by taking on most of the Association’s responsibilities, in particular the publication of its journal, Three Oranges. The folding up of the Association took effect on 1 January 2004.
     Over the years, the Foundation has also increased its support of the Archive, whose work and prestige is steadily growing.


Foundation 25th Anniversary Card