VII International Competition for Young Pianists
in S. Prokofiev's Native Land

8 April 2013-15 April 2013 – Donetsk, Ukraine


Donbass lucked out. The greatest pianist, composer and conductor of XX century Sergei Sergeyevich Prokofiev was born on 23 April 1891 in a small Ukrainian village of Sontsovka (now Krasnoye), very close to Donetsk.

S. S. Prokofiev is an outstanding historic figure who was born on the Donbass land and whose world-wide fame hasn’t dwindled and withstood the test of time.

The S. S. Prokofiev competitions in Donetsk already have their glorious history.

From 12 to 18 April of the year 1991 which was on the occasion of the centenary of the birth of our great countryman designated by UNESCO as “Year of Prokofiev” the first all-Ukrainian review competition, which received its own name, “The Competition of Young Pianists in S. Prokofiev’s Native Land ”, took place in Donetsk.

The formation of a jury that was presided by an outstanding musician, pianist, performer and teacher, the People’s Artist of the USSR, the head of the Heinrich Neuhaus department of Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory, professor Yevgeny Malinin only emphasized the seriousness of organizers’ intentions.

A remarkable concert by the People’s Artist, professor Yevgeny Malinin in the Prokofiev Donetsk Regional Philharmonic Hall drew an impressive line under the competition. This marked the beginning of a good tradition, i.e. concert performances of the jurors in the Philharmonic Hall during the competition.

The competition became a tradition, it grew and developed. The program has been specified, the division into age groups was introduced. Three All-Ukrainian competitions (in 1991, 1995 and 1997) took place. Hundreds of pianists determined their destiny and became professional musicians. The prize-winners of three All-Ukrainian Competitions in Donetsk gave successful performances at prestigious international musical competitions. Suffice it to mention the names of the winners of the biggest international competitions, pianists with worldwide fame such as Alexei Yemtsov, Alexei Koltakov, Sergei Salov, Yelena Titova whose first victories were on the competition in Donetsk.

Famous pianists and teachers from Ukraine took part in the work of the All-Ukrainian competitions jury. Among them are honored art workers and professors Viktor Makarov, Igor Ryabov, Alexander Bugayevsky, Natalia Melnikova, Vyacheslav Boikov, the people’s artist of Ukraine, professor Lyudmila Ginsburg, professors Alexander Vitovsky, Viktoriya Goncharenko, associate professor Boris Arkhimovich, honored workers of culture of Ukraine Tatiana Kim, Natalia Gridneva, Garry Gelfgat etc.

The prestige of the competition and the experience of its organizers gave ground for the transformation of the All-Ukrainian Competition into a full-scale International one, which first took place in April 1999.

A famous pianist, the president of the Russian Art Academy, the People’s Artist of the USSR professor Nikolai Petrov was an honored president of the jury of the first International Competition. Famous musicians from Europe and leading musicians of Ukraine were also in the jury.

Since 2000 concerts in Donetsk Philharmonic Hall in memory of S. S. Prokofiev are traditionally held every year in the beginning of March. The International Competitions openings on the motherland of Sergei Prokofiev are usually marked by performances of the winners of previous competitions with Donetsk Philharmonic Hall symphonic orchestra. On the international jury that was three times presided by one of the world’s most famous pianists, the People’s Artist of Russia, professor of Moscow and Tokyo Conservatories Alexey Nasedkin also were an honored arts worker of Belarus, professor Vladimir Nekhayenko, chancellor of the Conservatory of Debrecen, professor  Mikhail Duffek (Hungary), honored arts worker of Poland, honored culture worker of Russia Mikhail Alexandrov (Russia), professor Eva Osynska (Poland), honored arts worker of Russia, professor Anatoly Ryabov, professor Kim Mi Kyung (Republic of Korea) and Boris Arkhimovich, Vyacheslav Boykov, Alexander Bugayevsky, Yozhef Ermin, Tatiana Kim, Valery Kozlov and Natalia Melnikova, who represented Ukraine.

Concerts by jury members in the Philharmonic Concrert Hall became a tradition. Performances of Nikolai Petrov and Alexey Nasedkin left unforgettable impressions, Mihail Duffek repeatedly performed with the orchestra of Donetsk Philharmonic Hall with great success.

The prize-winners of Donetsk competition are often among the winners of prestigious international competitions. In recent years we were glad to hear about new brilliant victories of our “Prokofiev prize-winners” Alexei Koltakov, Sergei Salov, Veleriya Mirosh, Vadim Kholodenko, Yekaterina Kulikova and Elmar Gasanov. They achieved victory in the biggest international competitions in the USA, Canada, Germany, Greece, Russia, Hungary and Japan.

Donetsk competition is one of the most famous and prestigious competitions of Ukraine, the member of the Association of Academic Music Competitions of Ukraine since 2001, since the moment when the association which is registered in the Ministry of Justice was founded.

Regional State Administration and the Department of Culture always actively participate in and support the Competitions for Young Pianists in S. Prokofiev’s Native Land.

We hope that Donetsk “Competitions for Young Pianists in S. Prokofiev’s Native Land ” will help us find new young talents who will represent high classical art of XXI century with dignity.

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29 JANUARY 2013


Booklet to the Festival
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Evgeny Malinin recital
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