I read through Love forThree Oranges. Marvellous! I shall be able to make something of it, provided that the whole subject is completely re-worked. The music will be brilliant, lively, and as far as possible, straightforward.
   Bolm, the famous dancer from the Diaghilev company, who is presently at the Metropolitan and is putting on Russian operas to offset the Italian stuff, was delighted when he learned that I was here. He gave me a load of useful advice for finding one's bearings in New York. "The main thing," he said, "is not to be in a hurry. Do everything as though it is of importance and on your own terms ; all the same, the season isn't until October or even November".
   I was at Anisfeld's, the artist, who, even though we were unacquainted, rang me, which was flattering. He's nice, but a little odd and, at first sight, not a remarkable person. Naturally there were thousands of questions about Russia.
(Diary, 1918)

Prokofiev, Anisfeld and Bolm. 1919.

Anisfeld has finally signed the contract for Oranges. Bolm very nearly. Today I played them three acts. Both were very pleased. We discussed details. This is all very gratifying. All the characters and their actions, invented by me, are about to become reality. But playing the three acts was exhausting.
(Diary, 1918)

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