My first 'recital'. I was a bit worried about the Bach, but it went off without incident. The Beethoven Contredanses went very well and the Schumann Sonata was also quite good. But the real success was the last five numbers of my little pieces with Suggestion diabolique at the end. The success was phenomenal, just like the good old days in Petrograd. Six encores. They asked for the Toccata but I couldn't play it; I'd forgotten it. I hadn't played it for ages so instead I repeated Suggestion diabolique.
   The hall looked absolutely full but again there were a lot of complimentary tickets. What the Americans call a "Paper House".
   After the recital there were crowds of people in the green room. They grabbed me by the hands and shoulders and tore me to pieces in their rapture.
(Diary, 1919).

The day passed quickly as I sped towards New York. The train went so smoothly at a hundred versts an hour that, had it not been for the movement outside, it would have seemed like fifty. As we moved along its bank, the Hudson became broader and broader, fine buildings and houses began to appear and the nearer you got to New York, the more interesting it became. Finally, there appeared regular, numbered streets and then we plunged under the city and didn't emerge until we arrived at the station. I said "I can't see Wilson and deputations from the city". Nevertheless New York, without being overwhelming, made an excellent impression.
(Diary, 1918).


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