The 1908 entry of theory classes at the St Petersburg Conservatory.

Today the sixth class was photographed with money left over from the 2 January ball. In spite of the fact that the photographer with his magnesium flash photographed us from Flige onwards so brilliantly that nobody's photograph came out, nevertheless we went back to the same photographer's. I would have preferred our class to be taken by itself and was all in favour of that, but they invited Glazunov and Nik. Iv. Novich as well as all our teachers, and even former teachers. We'll see how it turns out. 
(Diary, 1908).

Left to right, front row: E. Bezsonova, A. Shulzinger, I. Nodelman, R. Ospovat, K. Anisimova, V. Alpers.
Second row: L. Glagoleva, N. Popova, Alexei Petrovich (history teacher), N. V. Balaev (Russian literature teacher), the priest Petrov (Ecclesiastical Law teacher), the director of the Conservatory A. K. Glazunov, O. Abramycheva, N. I. Abramychev (assistant inspector for the academic programme), A. Flige, E. Kadovskaia, E. Shvarts, Samariatinova.
Third row: M. Piastro, I. Gvirtsman, K. Vansheidt, A. Shmidt, N. Vilik, S. Prokofiev, I. Dobrzhenets.


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