Jacques Sadoul's villa Les Pins Parasols at Sainte Maxime, France.
The Prokofievs spent the summer of 1932 there.

Serge Prokofiev plays for those involved in the filming of Lieutenant Kizhe.

At seven o'clock a group from Belgoskino came to me with Gusman and Feinzimmer.
   At Belgoskino; it's strange the first time. We checked materials and music. They run a few tests for costumes and ways of speaking. I attack the Russian theatre and its style of speech, saying that the American way is more natural. The only good thing is that after they say "Cut!" there's a "party". Then they filmed me playing the Gavotte and the Toccata for the newsreels. The light is blinding, the arc lights hot. It takes time. I play bits of the Toccata badly but there's no time to do them again. I go back home and sleep.
(Diary, 1933)

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