Lina and Sviatoslav Prokofiev, Natalia and Serge Koussevitsky. On the right, Serge Prokofiev is holding a dog in his arms.

During the day Ptashka, Sviatoslav and I drove to the Koussevitskys. I went for the drive, and Ptashka and Sviatoslav to see Natalia Konstantinovna, who loves them both dearly.

Serge Koussevitsky, Sviatoslav and Lina Prokofiev, Natalia Koussevitsky. 1929.

From left to right: Gavriil Paichadze, Serge Prokofiev and Serge Koussevitsky, 1929

We left at a quarter to four in the afternoon, after fond farewells. The beginning of the climb was very pleasant, along a forest path. We walked for a long time. At nine o'clock, feeling tired, we found a chalet under Mont Joly. We were thrilled. Supper and fizz. When we signed in as musicians, they brought us an accordeon: scorn. We went to sleep in the attic. Paichadze and I were lying on hay, with a blanket on top. I fell asleep, Koussevitsky didn't. We left at six. We decided to change our route. Koussevitsky returns with a boy bringing coffee. Paichadze and I walk right to the top. I'm walking better, but stiffly. At the start green meadows, then bare rocks and grey sand. Why is it called Mont Joly when it isn't pretty? At the top there's not much space but a view in all directions. Wonderful views. We relax. By four o'clock everybody is feeling better. Descent to St Nicolas. Only one hotel. Marvellous view from the terrace, where we had dinner: it's green and cosy. Koussevitsky, Paichadze and I set out again. (Diary, 1929)


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