Petr Liuboshits, Nina Koshetz, Serge Prokofiev, the dancer La Argentina, Pavel Kokhansky and Lina Prokofiev. Aix-les-Bains, 1929.

The Château de la Flechère, Culoz.

The Chalons, who have a small property near Lac du Bourget, have found us a château of "astonishing beauty" and not too expensive, seven thousand approximately for the summer. So today we got into the car and went to see it. Eight hours travelling. We arrived in Culoz towards evening, which is a railway junction through which trains pass on their way to Geneva, Milan, Aix and Evian. Last year we came here with Dukelsky on our way from Monte-Carlo to Paris, but we sped through without stopping, though I have distinct recollections of the place. After dinner, we went to look at the château from the outside -
it stands on a hill a kilometre from the station. The château is impressive, if a little gloomy. There are towers and slits for firing with arquebuses through. The meeting with the owners had been arranged by telegram for the following morning and since they are, as the Chalons put it, important lords of the manor, we decided not to bother them that day and went back to the hotel to sleep.
   We have had some very pleasant outings with the Chalons. There are numerous small restaurants around there, where they serve wonderful food. Chalon has proved to be quite adept in correcting Spaak's mistakes in the Gambler translation. I continue to winkle them out. 23 kilometres from us is Aix-les-Bains, a large resort, rather awful. Koshetz is living near Aix. She entertained us to a large Russian lunch. Also present were the Kokhanskys and Argentina.
(Diary, 1929)

1 - N. Koshetz, 2 - P. Kokhansky, 3 - L. Prokofiev,
4 - P. Shubert, 5 - Argentina, 6 - P. Liuboshits,
7 - S. Prokofiev. Aix-les-Bains, 1929.

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