The following day, the twenty-third, as had been arranged earlier, Ptashka, Souvchinsky and I set out by car to visit Stravinsky. It was wonderful weather and the scenery was marvellous. We had lunch on the shore of Lake Annecy in the same restaurant, where Asafiev and I had lunch last year. Stravinsky lives on the other side of the lake, in a marvellous position and has taken over a small guesthouse which is almost entirely filled with his family. At a distance of two hundred paces - a "piano shot" away - is a small, moveable hut where he works. Conversation, naturally, was about Diaghilev. Stravinsky played the second and third movements of the Concerto (the first isn't complete yet). It's interesting and better than I had imagined from our conversations. It's difficult to make a judgement on a first hearing, and when it's badly played. But it's excellently composed and full of interesting ideas. (Diary, 1929)

Ernest Ansermet, Serge Prokofiev and Igor Stravinsky. 1929.

Lina Prokofiev, Fedor, Milena and Igor Stravinsky. 1929.

Serge Prokofiev, Igor Stravinsky,
Ernest Ansermet and Pierre Souvchinsky. 1929.


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