V. Dranishnikov, S. Prokofiev and S. Radlov with the cast of the opera Love for Three Oranges. Leningrad, 1927.

In the interval the cast took me off to the theatre photographer at the top of the theatre and he photographed a group of the performers with me in the middle. In the sitting room adjoining the director's box, tea and cakes as well as snacks and wine was served. There was Ekskuzovich, Ershov, Malko, Ossovsky, conductors and directors, in a word, an entire festival. I was thrilled and delighted by Radlov's imaginative and extraordinarily lively production and I embraced my old chess-partner.
(Diary, 1927)

Today is a day off from our mad Leningrad days (and the Moscow ones before them), as even at our first meeting in Moscow Asafiev had reserved this day for us to spend in Detskoe Selo. Asafiev happily met us at the Detskoe Selo station and we walked to his house through glistening white snow. He lives in a large, spacious wooden house, not far from the station, on the edge of Detskoe Selo - on one side is the town and on the other, a wide, snowy expanse. He has three very large rooms on the first floor, part of a flat which once belonged to a police officer. The setting of a provincial Russian town, the bright sun and the snowy expanse, visible from the windows, transported us into a completely different world.
(Diary, 1927)

In the foreground : Professor Ossovsky, S. Prokofiev,
B. Asafiev, L. Prokofiev, V. Dranishnikov. Leningrad, 1927.

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