Serge Diaghilev, 1925.


I've long been interested in Diaghilev's ballet company and don't deny that I should very much like to be associated with this splendid enterprise but the question is whether the enterprise now wants to be associated with me. Even the prospect of meeting him was alarming. Diaghilev as a personality has always interested me; I knew that he had great charm.
   On the first occasion Diaghilev wasn't backstage, but we met the following day at Nightingale. He was terribly smart, in evening dress and top hat and offered me a white-gloved hand, saying that he was very pleased to make my acquaintance, something he'd long been anxious to do and invited me to attend any performances...
(Diary, 1914)


The three Serge's: Lifar, Diaghilev and Prokofiev.
Monte-Carlo, 1929.


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