Lina, Mariia Grigorievna with
Sviatoslav and Serge Prokofiev.

It turned out that Mama was not in first class, as I had expected, but in a dreadful crew cabin because she couldn't find anything better and didn't want to wait. When I went into the large cabin for eighteen people, she was looking the other way and didn't see me, so that I didn't know whether she was completely blind or could see a little. She's suntanned to the colour of parchment, was wearing blue glasses and has gone terribly thin. Nevertheless our reunion was cheering and almost business-like, very joyful. Amongst her things are papers of mine - the manuscript of Seven,They Are Seven (not the score, only the sketches, but largely complete), the score of the Violin Concerto and the piano score of the Second Piano Concerto. As well as three exercise books of diaries and three stories.
(Diary, 1920)

Le Cannet, eleven o'clock at night. The house is not particularly comfortable but there is a pleasant garden, in full bloom. Sviatoslav has grown a little, is suntanned but overall has changed little. Bébin is a bouncing laddie, wilful and quite wild. This morning Ptashka, arriving from Paris, started to cuddle him too vigorously and he was afraid of her. So I've tried to be careful with Bébin and not to demand his attention.
(Diary, 1930)


Above Left: Juan Codina, Oleg (Bébin) and Sviatoslav Prokofiev, Elsa (the governess). 1930.

Above Right : Juan Codina with his grandsons - Sviatoslav and Oleg. 1930.

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