Translated by Edward Morgan

This is the third volume of Serge Prokofiev Diary and consists of photographs.
   Extracts from the Diary have been used as captions to the photographs. Some of these relate to specific photographs but more often they either contain information about the person portrayed or elsedescribe incidents relating approximately to the period of the photograph. As far as possible we have deliberately tried to avoid using specifically written material in order to preserve throughout Prokofiev's style in this, the third section of his Diary.
   Although Prokofiev and Lina sometimes used the camera to capture different moments of their life, unfortunately few of the photographs taken by them have survived. Many childhood and family photographs were lost during the Revolution. A considerable number, relating to the composer's life abroad were torn out of their albums, in an act of vandalism, at the time of Lina's arrest by the KGB in 1948. Photographs of unknown people in a non-Soviet setting naturally aroused the curiosity of the zealous employees of the state security. It never occurred to them that they were singers, musicians and writers. These photographs are most probably irretrievably lost and so we are unable to present a great number of documents of considerable interest. But what has survived in the family albums, is of great interest as it presents the composer at different moments of his life.

                                           Sviatoslav Prokofiev

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