Boris Berman


A celebratory concert of "Prokofiev at 125" at Yale University
on December 14, 2016.

It will mix the performances by students of Boris Berman of piano transcriptions from Prokofiev's ballets with screening of excerpts from the same ballets. The featured works are The Prodigal Son, On the Dnieper, Cinderella, and Romeo and Juliet.


The celebration event in Tel-Aviv, Israel, January 4, 5, 8, and 9, 2017.

On January 4 Nelly Kravetz and Boris Berman will presents 2 lectures on Prokofiev's music in Mehta-Buchman School of Music, Tel-Aviv University.

On January 5 and 8, 2017 Boris Berman will conduct a workshop on Prokofiev's Piano Sonatas, and on January 9, there will be a 'marathon' concert, in which all sonatas will be performed by the students and Prof. Berman.

Boris Berman on web: www.borisberman.com

19 OCTOBER 2016