After Prokofiev's death, many of his writings were kept in a closed section of the Russian State Archive, including a massive diary which spans 26 years, 1907-1933. This diary was recently published in the original Russian by the Prokofiev Estate in Paris. Faber has undertaken the massive task of publishing it in English, the first of three volumes covering the period 1907 - 1914. Prokofiev was only 16 years old when he started writing this diary and the first volume captures the impetuous man's life at the St Petersburg Conservatory, his rise to fame and many travels.

Next Sunday 19th November at 5.45pm, on the BBC Radio 3 Music Matters programme, Tom Service will discuss the diary with translator Anthony Phillips, Prokofiev's son Sviatoslav, and Nolle Mann, Curator of the Prokofiev Archive at Goldsmiths.

The Music Matters programme on Sunday, will be available on the BBC Website
for a week.





Sergey Prokofiev
Diaries 1907-1914: Prodigious Youth

Translated by Anthony Phillips.
Published by Faber and Faber.
Available now from bookshops.

16 NOVEMBER 2006